KoroBoro International School embraces diversity, celebrates differences and respects the individual and their dignity.

KoroBoro International School promotes a sense of belonging and pride, where learning is the key priority in the educational process within a friendly, caring learning school community. We have a strong commitment to our students, parents, staff and to a sustainable environment.

KoroBoro is an excellent example of a school which meets the challenges of the current and future needs of its learners.

I genuinely believe, KoroBoro International School:

  • is a place where there a sense of belonging based on the School’s Mission and Vision
  • is a welcoming school for families wishing for an international education
  • strives to educate today's child for tomorrow’s world, as a whole person, valuing their individuality and unique skills, gifts and talents
  • strives for excellence in international education standards and achievement through the International Education Agency’s world recognised curriculum • promotes a strong co-curricular program in sport, the creative arts, community service and academic-based pursuits
  • nurtures leadership and responsibility in all students.
  • is a protective, safe and secure school that engages the learner 
  • has many great stories, creates a sense of wonder and curiosity and is full of exciting learning opportunities.
  • teaches the learner the principles of being a responsible, and respectful learner and to be accountable for their own behaviour 
  • Provide structures that enable collaboration and shared wisdom in the decision-making processes of the school

The words you have just read cannot truly replicate the special school spirit that exists at KoroBoro International School. This ‘spirit’ is something that can only be fully experienced when you are part of this School, because at KoroBoro International School we really do “Walk the Talk”.

I invite you to visit the School and see for yourself the life and vitality of our school in action.

Mr Peter O’Sullivan
School Principal