OUR SCHOOL - Facilities


The KBIS learning environment is highly appealing and meets the needs of the various members of our community. The school uses its physical environment, facilities, commercial resources and the school budget efficiently to maximise student learning and meet system priorities.

Physical spaces in the school are well organised and resourced and have the potential for flexible arrangement to cater for whole group, small group and individual work.

The school presents as a community that takes pride in its facilities which are well developed, cared for and maintained. The buildings, playground, gardens and ovals are also very well maintained. This contributes significantly to a school culture which has as its goal improved student achievement and a sense of belonging for all students.

Whole School Facilities

  • Three technology studios
  • Two libraries
  • Two music studios
  • Two visual arts studios
  • Four ovals
  • Two tennis courts
  • Five Basketball Courts
  • One 25-metre swimming pool
  • A beginners’ swimming pool
  • 3 Cricket Nets
  • One cricket pitch
  • Two canteens
  • Two health and wellness centres
  • Wireless internet throughout the school
  • Two assembly halls
  • A cross country track
  • A mountain bike track
  • Play apparatuses scattered across the school play areas
  • Twelve Trampolines