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The KoroBoro International School provides an international education to students between the ages of 3 and 13 from in-country and oversea countries. Applying student must demonstrate that they have the ability, skills and knowledge to follow the curriculum at KoroBoro successfully. English is the language of communication throughout the school and in lessons. Consequently, student with English as a second (or third) language will be tested for English language ability.

Children with learning difficulties will meet with the Principal and Special Needs Teacher before a place at the school can be confirmed. The fee for the learning support services will be additional to the tuition fee.

Remember, you must always apply for a place, even if your enrolling child: 

has a brother or sister already attending KoroBoro. 


This Admissions process is designed to ensure that: 

  • enrolment procedures are clear and fair
  • Enrolment procedures are followed in order to ensure equity of opportunity in compliance with enrolment policy criteria

Enrolment Process

1. Applying for a place at the KoroBoro International School requires the following steps:

  • Completed enrolment Application Form 
  • Copy of school reports, student's Birth Certificate or Passport
  • If relevant, an Educational Psychologist's Report for students with learning difficulties
  • Payment of the Application Fee & Security Deposit Fee 
  • Upon submission of the enrolment application pack to the Enrolment Manager at KB, prospective students will be required to undertake the relevant pre assessment tests

 2. An offer will be made by the Principal once all the steps and criteria for enrolment have been satisfactorily met and completed. An acceptance confirmation pack will be produced with the dates for post-enrolment and commencement date.

3. Placement of a student in a specific year level will generally follow by DOB guidelines on the Fee Policy, however a student could be placed a year ahead or a year behind once their current/prior learning and the school's assessment of the students academic ability, maturity and English language ability at the time of application is taken into consideration.

4. Where the School is not able to offer a place to a student due to capacity, the student will be put on a waiting list.

5. Where the School is not able to offer a place to a student due to their academic ability, maturity and English language combined, the student can re-apply and be re-tested 3 months after the initial test.

If you require assistance with any aspect of the enrolment process, please call +6753221900 or email 

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