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Koroboro International School

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Our Mission & Values

OUR SCHOOL - Mission & Values

The KoroBoro Mission - The “Why”

The KoroBoro Learner …

  • Is equipped with foundational skills, competencies and mindsets
  • Flourishes within an innovative, caring learning community
  • Values the pursuit of personal excellence
  • Experiences personal successes 
  • Embraces unity in diversity within a local and global context
  • Takes an active role in the stewardship of a sustainable environment

The KoroBoro … Strategic Action … The “How” …

KoroBoro takes Strategic Action to provide the KoroBoro Learner with …

  • An exciting, stimulating, high quality and balanced international education 
  • Quality teaching with innovative technologies, to personalise the learning 
  • Opportunities for the pursuit of personal excellence in the learner’s education 
  • Encounters and experiences, that contribute to shaping tomorrow’s citizen 
  • Enabling respectful relationships, so learning takes place in a positive learning community 
  • Avenues to enhance the preservation of the environment

The KoroBoro Vision - The “What” …

At the conclusion of an international education at KoroBoro …

The KoroBoro learner will have encountered balanced opportunities in a respectful, responsible and empowering learning community. Where the learner has been empowered to reach their age appropriate potential through a broad range of enriching experiences. Where wonder, curiosity and academic excellence have been encouraged. Where the learner has gained a strong sense of unity in diversity and stewardship of the environment.

KoroBoro Values

  • Mindfulness
  • Determination
  • Community
  • Service
  • Global Awareness

KoroBoro Expectations
At KoroBoro all members of the school community are committed to fulfilling the following expectations:

  • Being a respectful learner
  • Being a responsible learner

The success of the: Mission, Strategic Action, Values, Expectations and the Vision for the KoroBoro Learner, is directly linked to the Grade 6 graduate profile.

KoroBoro Grade 6 Student should be able to demonstrate being:

  • capable of behaving ethically to self, others and the environment
  • literate and numerate
  • able to problem solve, think critically and creatively 
  • educationally prepared for secondary schooling
  • equipped in foundational skills in managing relationships
  • respectful and responsible self-directed learner
  • resilient, adaptable and be a collaborative learner
  • able to communicate effectively as an active citizen
  • principled in the care of the environment