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Koroboro International School

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Our School – Your School 

KoroBoro International School – “We are different to other schools” 

 "You can’t teach today, using yesterday’s thinking, otherwise tomorrow’s innovation will never eventuate.” POS 

 KoroBoro is a School with a common belief that education should be dynamic, creative and constantly evolving. KoroBoro is a creative, family-first IEA curriculum school for students aged 3 to 13 years old wanting a high quality all round education. 

 KoroBoro is a school that dares to do things differently; still providing the highest quality of education expected from an exceptional school that is flexible and customised for each child, making it the ideal choice for parents who care as much about how their child receives a holistic education, as well as the end-results. 

 A KoroBoro education will offer a learning experience for each student that embraces individuality, whilst bringing academic rigour to life through genuine learning and an array of extra opportunities to experience. The dynamic and student-centric curriculum has been built on the concept of a learner-centred philosophy. 

KoroBoro is totally unique to other schools in PNG. This school empowers each student to take ownership of their learning and empowers the student to strive to reach their potential. 

 The school is divided into three distinct growth mindset areas.  

·         The first growth mindset area is the Early Learning Village (3 year olds to 5 year olds), 

·         The second growth mindset area is the Boroko East (Boro) Campus (Prep to Grade 3) 

·         The third growth mindset area is the Korobosea (Koro) Campus (Grade 3 to Grade 6) 

 These growth mindset areas in the students primary school journey, will not only teach the students the foundations to successful learning, but will support them emotionally, as they prepare for secondary schooling. 

 KoroBoro embraces the world of technology and nurtures imagination and creative thinking through its ICT and Library Information Discovery programmes. Driven by an outward look on learning, students will be challenged to explore, play and create in preparation for real-world scenarios and will be taught how to harness innovation and integration. They will also be encouraged to develop technical, digital and physical products and taught how to prepare for taking these skills into real situations that complements the learning in the classroom. 

 To learn more about KoroBoro #kbisbestschoolever please visit: our Facebook page – KoroBoro International School