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Parents Testimonials

Mr O et al … Words can’t express our sincere gratitude for including our daughter on the class list and for accepting our payment schedule. As parents, nothing brings more joy than knowing that our daughter will be a part of the amazing educational journey at KoroBoro. Your understanding and support mean a lot to us, especially during these uncertain times. It will help us immensely in managing our finances and ensuring that our child receives the best education possible. Your commitment to providing a well-rounded education to the students is truly commendable. We are confident that our daughter will flourish under your guidance and learn valuable lessons that will shape her future. We would also like to extend our appreciation to the administrative staff for their prompt responses and assistance in completing the necessary formalities. It is heartening to see such a well-organised and efficient administration team. Once again, thank you for everything you have done for us. We are looking forward to a fruitful and enriching academic year for our daughter at KoroBoro. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if we can be of any assistance. Regards

Dear Mr O’Sullivan, As a parent of an academically struggling child, it has always been a worry since my son, (Name supplied) started his educational journey at another international school. His lack of enthusiasm for learning caused us much emotional stress for our child, but this year we have seen a totally different zeal and passion for learning. Yesterday my son came home jubilant that he scored 20/20 in his maths test and with much praise for his teacher Mr Pari. We were lost for words at home. He acknowledged the confidence his teacher has in him and the patience and encouragement he has not just for my son but all students in his class. (Students own words) he said, “Mr Pari is strict but nice. He makes learning fun and enjoyable”. On behalf of my family, I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to Mr Pari for making a difference in our child’s learning. He looks forward to school every day which intrigues us. Kind regards. PM (full name supplied)

Dear Mrs Hau, Mr Magoekia and Mr Timbi, I wanted to wholeheartedly THANK each and one of you for all the support you have given our girls in preparation for Independence Day. As a MOTHER I was felt so emotional while watching our children perform along their classmates.... they all looked so beautiful in their traditional costumes. As a GUEST in your country I felt privileged to be able to witness this beautiful display of culture and pride. lastly, as a HUMAN BEING who believes in Unity in Diversity I felt so much love and hope for what all of these children can achieve in the future. Thank was a truly special day for our family! T.

Thanks Madam, Greatly appreciate your quick respond. Yes. I choice KoroBoro to educate my son with your quality education system and see first-hand school environment. (Prospective Parent)

Thanks Maria, appreciated. Thank you for your good customer service on your prompt email response as well as phone calls. (Name supplied)

Dear Mr O'Sullivan, 

Greetings from Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.

This email serves to give an update of how Wavuri (grade 6) and Lalausere (grade 1) have settled in and of their performance in the Queensland state schools here in Townsville.

Wavuri and Lalausere have shone in the Kelso State school in the first two weeks of enrollment being awarded the 'golden kooka' and the  role model awards which are equivalent to the principals awards and continue to impress with their high level and standard of education and values instilled in them carried over from Koroboro. They continue to get weekly 'kooka thumbs up'  class awards in meeting expectations and standards of the curriculum and values of the schools here (find attached photos).

Wavuri (in grade 6) upon interview and assessment was assessed to be a grade up (to grade 7) but since we moved in the later part of the year we decided to keep her in grade 6.

Thank you Mr O' and your KBIS staff for your support and assistance in the girls smooth transition over to the Australian schools and in the high standard of education and  currriculum that you continue to offer and provide for the children through the IEA schools.

God bless and have a joyous safe festive season of rest.

Best and warm regards,

Dr Mano Mao - parent of Wauri and Lalausere 

From: N&Z Tsoupis
Subject: Re: Sleep Over

Dear KoroBoro team,

We just wanted to write an email to thank you for the Grade 2 sleepover this year.

When we first asked Makena about it, she was reluctant to join and although we tried to persuade her she was an adamant no.

But when Mr O sent out an email asking parents to reconsider (great idea by the way!), we brought it up with Makena again and mentioned some of the things Mr O wrote about and she said yes! I'm really glad that Mr O gave the students a second chance to reconsider.

As parents we are really impressed by the level of organisation that had gone into this event. Everything was considered and we felt very assured about our daughters safety and what attending this event would give our daughter. She came away really confident and said she wanted to repeat grade 1 just so she could do the event again :)

Her favourite part was the games and setting up the tent.

In terms of organisation, in the lead up to the event the teachers and EAs rehearsed setting up tents and discussed what would happen at the sleepover. This helped Makena feel prepared and was a really good lead up to the event. 

She came home everyday to tell us what was happening and brought up any queries she had about the event.

On the actual day, from the moment we arrived at the Koro campus. The carpark guards did a great job of directing people in and out of the carpark, the EAs welcomed Makena and gave me instructions about pick up and i could see all the friendly familiar faces from the school getting everyone organised.

I really liked the fact that Mr O cooked breakfast the next morning - as always he is such a phenomenal presence at all the Koroboro events. 

Well done Koroboro team on putting on yet another fantastic event. As parents we are so proud to be sending Makena to Koroboro school!

Best wishes,

Nicholas & Zulfaa Tsoupis