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Koroboro International School

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Principal's Welcome

Principal's Welcome

KoroBoro International School (KBIS)
‘We actually dare to do things differently to make a difference’

Welcome to KoroBoro International School, a different international school to other schools in PNG. We are committed to providing a high quality, all round education in a supportive, caring and collaborative learning environment. At KoroBoro, we have the expertise, experience, drive and commitment – to be trusted that the education your child will receive will be life enhancing, life changing and lifelong. We stand by our School Mission Statement, and believe, that joining the KoroBoro School Community and working together, in partnership, the KoroBoro student will experience a truly unique, refreshing positive school spirit, empowering and successful primary school experience.

What makes KoroBoro unique?

We believe education has to be dynamic, creative, constantly evolving and be open to different and better ways of thinking. Ideas don’t stand still and neither do we. We facilitate the free flow and interplay of ideas and equip the KoroBoro students with the skills to embrace them, apply them and grow with them. Ready for their next stage in their educational journey – secondary school.

We dare to do things differently, by providing the highest quality of education expected from a premium IEA school, through an inquiry based flexible and conceptualised learning experience, making it the ideal choice for parents who care as much about how their child receives an education, as well as the end-results.

 Our goal is simple, to nurture each individual’s potential to learn, grow and make the world a better place. We do this through our inquiry based conventionalised curriculum which offers each student unique learning experience.

We embrace each child’s individuality and support their learning journey through a robust IEA academic curriculum crafted to their needs.

KoroBoro encourages creative thinking and the application of learning is the backbone that runs through school’s curriculum.

Students will have significant opportunities to experience and be involved in the arts: performances, dance, music and public speaking and the creative: art, design, technological, and digital (innovative and traditional).

A spiral IEA curriculum, where inquiry themes and skills will be taught in an age-appropriate way, offering opportunities to experience learning approaches from the early years through to Grade 6.